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About Safe Food

Safe Food is New Zealand’s leading textbook on Food Safety. Since 1992, Safe Food has been providing students with a dear, readable text to help them understand then causes of food-borne illness and the control measures required to prevent them.

This edition has been updated to reflect the current approach to food safety both in New Zealand and internationally. Learning outcomes are provided so that students know what they will learn. This is followed by information and suggested application exercises teenage students in the learning process. As well, it encourages students to check what they have learnt and provides ideas for applying what has been learnt in the workspace.

This book aims to satisfy the learning outcomes of NZQA units:

167 Practise food safety methods in a food business under supervision 

168 Demonstrate knowledge of food contamination hazards, and control methods used in a food establishment.

20666 Demonstrate basic knowledge of contamination hazards and control methods used in a food business.

27955 Apply food safety practices in a food-related establishment.

Safe Food is a resource to help facilities develop and manage their own Food Control Plans in line with current legislation.

About the Authors

Pip Duncan and Julian Jensen, Food, Food Safety and Nutrition Consultants, authors, editors, and food writers. They have been tutors at University level, recipients of Awards of Excellence. Honorary, Life Memberships and co-authors of two editions of Professional Foodservice. 

Safe Food

Pip’s interest in food safety, nutrition and education underpins her successful career working in the Hospitality and Food Service sector. In June 2023, working with NZ Chefs, she co-ordinated the Global Chefs Pacific Rim semi-finals and the NZ Chefs Championships. Pip was delighted to see so many highly talented chefs competing, totally awesome sponsors and a dedicated team of NZ Chefs members assisting and judging the event. Pip says ‘It was a great team effort. Creating four competition kitchen stations from scratch, for three days, was a huge mission and food safety was a major consideration in our planning. I hope this illustrates how safe food must be considered whatever the numbers/size of the meal or function.’ 

This is Pip’s 5th edition of Safe Food, initially she partnered with fellow Food Safety ‘guru’ of the time Liz Fitchett. Pip has co-authored two editions of Professional Foodservice with Julian Jensen, a popular Food Service text with Australian and New Zealand Universities. For Safe Food 5th Edition Pip has again joined forces with Julian to produce an edition which acknowledges our post Covid 19 lockdown world

Pip’s and Julian’s achievements, as Food, Nutrition and Food Safety Consultants, working across sectors at have achieved many accolades including Awards of Excellence, Service Awards and Life Memberships for sector organisations.

Hospitality is all about being a great host, delivering a great experience, but most importantly, doing it safely.

Food safety is a critical, if hidden, component in providing food. It is easy to concentrate on customer service and the presentation on the plate because that is the fun bit and what excites the customer.

Not getting the food safety piece right will leave a lingering customer experience that will be unpleasant, and can put the whole business at risk.

This resource is an important and useful tool to ensure ALL staff, not only understand the importance of keeping food safe for service, but also have the tools to do so.

Having this tool online makes it more available and accessible which can only enhance uptake and keep New Zealanders and our visitors safe.

Bruce Robertson, Chair, Hospitality Training Trust, New Zealand



Te Mana Kounga Kai – Ahitereiria me Aotearoa - Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is pleased to be associated with this book. Translating the often complicated science and facts behind food safety into everyday language isn’t easy, but it is very important.

Food safety is a critical dimension in foodservice. In Aotearoa, it’s how we manaaki (respect) our manuhiri (guests) and thus how we protect the mana (reputation) of our Kai and our businesses that serve them. Playing your part in the team is essential and this book explains how you can go about this and why it matters.

Pip and Julian have created a valuable resource at all in hospo should be familiar with.

Glen Neal, General Manager, FSANZ


Ngā mihi ki to mātau Kai Whanau. Mā te Kai Haumaru mātou e āwhina ki te whakarite me te mahi kai nui. Hei whāngai i o tātau tinana whangaia o tātau wairua, kia ora ai tātau. Mō te katoa, ahakoa te aha.

Greetings to our Foodie Whanau. May Safe Food help us prepare and serve great food to nourish our bodies, feed our spirits and keep us healthy. Forever and ever.

Joe McLeod, Matua Rangatira Tohunga Tūmau, Senior Executive Master Chef, Iwi Liaison, NZChefs

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