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Safe Food is New Zealand’s favourite textbook on Food safety. 

Since 1992 Safe food has been providing  students with a clear readable text to help them understand the causes of food-borne illnesses and the control measures required to prevent them.

This edition has been updated to reflect the current approach to food safety in New Zealand. 

Learning outcomes are provided so that students know what they will learn. 

This is followed by information and suggested application exercises to engage students in the learning process. 

As well, it encourages students to check what they have learnt and provides ideas for applying what has been learnt in the workplace.

This book aims to satisfy the learning outcomes of the NZQA units:

167 ‘Practise safe Food methods in a food business’

168 ‘Demonstrate knowledge of food contamination hazards and control methods used in a food business’

27955 ‘Apply food safety practices in a food related business’

20666 ‘Demonstrate a basic knowledge of food contamination and control methods used in a food business’

Safe Food is a resource to help facilities develop and manage their own Food Control Plans in line with current legislation. Foodies will find Safe Food a useful resource.

Safe Food contents:-

  • Food safety: why all the fuss?
  • Hazards: food-borne illness
  • Other hazards: viruses, chemicals, parasites, fungi
  • Personal hygiene for the food worker
  • Taking care of potentially hazardous foods
  • Kitchen hygiene
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point [HACCP]
  • New Zealand Food Safety Legislation

About the Author Pip Duncan 

  • Manages Food Advisory Services - Food, Food Safety and nutrition consultancy
  • Tutor and Trainer in tertiary establishments and for Industry
  • Author of 17 books
  • Co-author of 3 editions of Safe Food with Liz Fitchett
  • Writes food Safety plans for restaurants and residential care
  • Current Education and Marketing Manager vegetables.co.nz
  • Works with the Heart Foundation and Health promotion Agency on Easy meals with vegetables and partners with the Heart Foundation on The Curriculum Project for year 7 and 8 teachers

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